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Demand on your CARE: Communication Challenges - Vision, Hearing and Speech


About This Course

Welcome to ELDER009

Demand on your CARE: Communication Challenges: Vision, Hearing and Speech

About this Course

This course is part of a MOOC series of the "Jockey Club CADENZA e-tools for Elder Care" funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

This course is open to health and social care professional or anyone who are interested to this subject in committing their effort in helping seniors to cope with communication challenges. Taking this course will help you understand the vision, hearing and speech impairment among older adults. The related strategies in facilitating their daily lives and communication tips are discussed.

The course opens on 4 June, 2021 and will run through identical issues till end of 2022. Let us go through the "Jockey Club CADENZA e-tools for Elder Care" in understanding the communication challenges in older adults by studying real life stories. Having an effective communication is not only reduce misunderstandings, conflicts and stress but also maintains a cheerful mood between the older adults and caregivers which helps promote good interpersonal relationships.

There are 4 chapters and quizzes in this course. We estimate that you will need to spend no more than 3 contact hours on average to complete the course. It is in self-paced mode. You can study anytime and anywhere you want. We suggest you could study in a weekly basis for each chapter at your own schedule. Before you start, here is some helpful information for successful completion of this course.


After study all the chapters, there will be an assessment consists of 10 quizzes. To facilitate your learning process, the assessment allows multiple attempts. While answering the questions, you are free to refer back to the teaching materials for answers.

After completion of this course with 50% passing marks, certificate of attendance or 3 Council-CNE points certificate (Nurse only) will be awarded. Please refer to the information 'How to get certificate' for details.

What you will learn

  • Common bowel changes in older adults
  • Constipation problem among older adults
  • Assessment of constipation
  • Non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions to prevent constipation
  • Management of constipation in long term care settings


There is no entry requirement.

Course Staff

Prof. Jean Woo

Director, CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing

Dr. Christopher Lum

Geriatric Medicine, Consultant, Medical and Geriatrics Department, Shatin Hospital

Dr. Noble Law

Consultant, CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing

Ms. Maggie Wong

Nursing Officer, CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing

Mr Chris Yiu

Senior Programme Officer, CUHK Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies

Dr. Chin Man Pan Bruce

Registered Optometrist (Part I), Vice-President, The Hong Kong Society of Professional Optometrists

Mr. Simon Chan

Registered Speech Therapist, Member of Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists

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Enjoy the course!


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