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Introduction to Instructional Designer


About This Course

Have you wondered what you will do after graduating? One possible way is to become an Instructional Designer. In this course, you will have a basic grasp of being an instructional designer.

You'll be brought to the real job market (online), where you can read the job posts including job responsibilites and requirements. Then you will get some really useful tips about preparing for job applicaton and interviews. What's more exciting? You will get to know the real working projects and access some excellent resources for free!


There's no specific requirements.Anyone who are interested in e-learning are welcomed

Course Staff

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SHI, Shuheng (Ivy)
Instructional Designer
Centre for Teaching and Learning
Hang Seng Management College.

I graduated from Master of Science in Information Technology in Education in the University of Hong Kong in 2014.Now I work as an Instructional Designer in Hang Seng Management College. With the skills to edit videos, create infographics, manage LMS, write basic HTML codes, I both design and develop Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find instructional designer job?

You can go to jobs db and search "Instructional designer" or "e-learning" "online learning" and so on. The other way I found useful is to google "e-learning jobs hk".

What websites can I use to build my online portfolio

You can use Weebly, WordPress, Google blog, which are free and with good templates. If you want to have your own domain name, you can pay to upgrade your website.